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Clinic Checklist

Contact at least one month before setting up a clinic.  You will be given a code that must appear on every request form.  Remember, you will be expected to make one shipment of at least 20 samples. 

  1. Advertising well before your scheduled 20/20 Clinic will ensure its SUCCESS!
    • Get the word out for holding a 20/20 at national or regional events by posting in club newsletters/journals, club website or club email lists.
    • Advertise in premiums from show superintendents.
    • If you have a local club, use their network source and club meetings to make the announcement.
    • Make up flyers announcing the possibility of holding a clinic, stress the minimum requirement of 20 dogs. Post these flyers at vet offices, pet supply stores. Pass flyers out at the ring at dog shows.
    (Please keep in mind that you/your club will be responsible for any costs for advertising, postage, printing etc.) 
  2. Advance sign-up of intended participants with the clinic organizer is strongly encouraged, since a clinic must have 20 or more samples in order to receive the 20/20 discount.
  3. Participants may have samples collected by their own vet up to 3 days in advance of the clinic date. Blood samples should be immediately refrigerated. Locally collected samples should be brought to the clinic to be included in the package shipped from the clinic. They will then count as part of the minimum required for the clinic discount.
  4. A clinic runs more smoothly when participants bring completed paperwork with them. Be sure to encourage them to enter their test requests online.
  5. Have extra copies of the form at the clinic – there will probably be “walk-ins”.  A blank form can be obtained from the OptiGen website.
  6. Ask OptiGen for brochures to give to participants.

Veterinary Services

  1. Engage a licensed vet or vet tech to draw blood for your clinic. (The club/organizer/participants are responsible for costs of drawing blood.) Swab samples need not be collected by a vet or vet tech.
  2. If possible, have the vet/vet tech bring a scanner to verify any permanent ID for those dogs that are microchipped.
  3. Provide everyone doing the collections with the sample collection instructions printed from our website.
  4. Be sure the vet/vet tech is prepared to bring a sufficient quantity of EDTA purple topped vacutainer tubes (3ml size or larger) and a sufficient quantity of new syringes and needles to draw blood; a "sharps" container to dispose used needles will also be needed.
  5. Swabs can be easily obtained from a pharmacy that sells medical supplies.  Please see the sample collection instructions for the types of swabs to use.

Handling Samples

  1. Have volunteer assistants to help ensure samples are matched with the appropriate dog and paper work for that dog.
  2. “Bag” each sample individually – put each blood sample into a small plastic zip lock bag on (but not wrapped in) a folded paper towel; put swabs (2 for each dog) into a paper envelope.  Fasten each small sample bag/envelope to the paper work and payment (if by check).
  3. Blood samples must be cooled or refrigerated until they are shipped; swab samples must be kept dry.
  4. Ship the samples no more than 3 days after the clinic.
  5. Be sure to have the appropriate supplies for shipping at the clinic- see instructions under ship sample.
  6. Track the package through the shipper (UPS and FedEx are very reliable), and follow up by calling OptiGen to be sure that it arrives in good order.
  7. If it is summer time, you will need to ship the blood samples and the swab samples in separate packages to prevent the swabs from becoming damp. Please follow the Warm Weather Shipping Instructions for the blood samples.  Be sure to use freezable ice packs and styrofoam containers. We recommend overnight shipping by UPS or FedEx in the summer.

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